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Newbee cinch top prize at ZOTAC Cup

Regional favorites faced off, and the Chinese team went home victorious.

Team Newbee.

After a long, hard-fought weekend, Newbee emerged victorious from the ZOTAC Cup Masters. The Chinese powerhouse took a 3-1 finals in the best of five over North American favorites NP for the title at the Taiwanese event.

While Newbee has had more success in its events, it seemed like the match could go to either team through the series of unique yet equally intense games.

Game two saw a tense, close match-up between the two, but NP took its first and only game there. The following game, Newbee managed to take the game back after NP held a strong presence, and the final game was similarly close. Newbee’s final performance with renown mid player Sccc on Queen of Pain and uuu9 on Lifestealer proved to be too much for the NA squad.

The two teams won’t be attending any further tournaments together at the moment, meaning the next opportunity they’ll have to meet again may be The International in early August if they both qualify.

Newbee took home the top prize of $50,000, and NP brings $20,000. The third place teams, Fnatic’s SEA squad and Chinese team Invictus Gaming, won $7,000 from their respective runs.