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Planet Odd adds 3 former Thunderbirds to new DOTA 2 lineup

The TI6 runner-ups have found a new world to call home.

Team Thunderbirds has moved into yet another team name under their new deal with Planet Odd. The squad has three out of the five runner-ups of The International 6, which played originally under the North American organization Digital Chaos.

Planet Odd signs Dota 2 roster!

Posted by Planet Odd on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It’s the second shift in banner for the squad, as they left Digital Chaos in April to adopt the Thunderbirds title.

As for Planet Odd, the org is a new name in not only Dota 2, but the esports scene as a whole. They were only founded in mid-May, less than a month before the Thunderbirds pickup. Odd started off off with two CS:GO teams, both women’s and men’s, plus three Hearthstone players. They also brought on a number of streamers off the bat.

These plus the Dota 2 team mean PO may be keeping their prospects open for more games. Other than the teams and streamers, little is known about the organization.

We do have to say, though, the player portraits and profiles are pretty adorable.