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The International 7’s final lineup of teams has come together

Here are the 18 squads that will attend the massive main event.

With another blazing hot summer in Seattle comes another iteration of The International, Dota 2’s largest tournament. Now, nearly a month before the LAN kicks off, the 18 teams that will be attending have been determined. Some have been directly invited in the wake of their strength in the season and year. Others fought through a pool of hundreds—or thousands—of players, whether against aspiring pro or veteran. All are battling for a shot at prizes of millions of dollars and, perhaps, the Aegis of Champions.

Without further ado, we’re proud to present the 18 teams that will battle live in Seattle.

Digital Chaos

North America, Main Qualifiers

  • Abed (Abed Azel L. Yusop)
  • BuLba (Kanishka Sosale)
  • DuBu (Kim Doo-young)
  • Forev (Lee Sang-don)
  • mason (Mason Venne)

Evil Geniuses

North America, Direct Invite

  • Arteezy (Artour Babaev)
  • Cr1t- (Andreas Nielsen)
  • Suma1L (Sumail Hassan)
  • UNiVeRsE (Saahil Arora)
  • zai (Ludwig Wahlberg)


Southeast Asia, Main Qualifiers

  • Bimbo (Ryan Jay Qui)
  • CartMaN (James Palatolon John)
  • Kim0 (Kimuel Rodis)
  • Nando (Fernando Mendoza)
  • RR (Ralph Richard Peñano)


Southeast Asia, Main Qualifiers

  • Ahjit (Lai Jay Son)
  • DJ (Djardel Jicko B. Mampusti)
  • Febby (Kim Yong-min)
  • Ohaiyo (Chong Xin Khoo)
  • QO (Kim Seon-yeop)

Infamous Gaming

South America, Main Qualifiers

  • Accel (Christian Cruz)
  • Benjaz (Benjamin Lanaos)
  • Kingteka (Renato Garcia)
  • Matthew (Farith Puente)
  • Timado (Enzo Gianoli)

Invictus Gaming

China, Direct Invite

  • BoBoKa (Ye Zhibiao)
  • BurNIng (Xu Zhilei)
  • Op (Ou Peng)
  • Q (Fu Bin)
  • Xxs (Lin Jing)


China, Main Qualifiers

  • dogf1ghts (Gao Tianpeng)
  • InJuly (Yang Xiaodong)
  • Paparazi (Zhyang Chengjun)
  • Sakata (Xu Zichen)
  • Super (Su Peng)

LGD Gaming

China, Main Qualifiers

  • Ame (Wang Chunyu)
  • Maybe (Lu Yao)
  • old eLeVeN (Ren Yangwei)
  • Victoria (Chen Guanhong)
  • Yao (Yao Zhengzheng)


China, Main Qualifiers

  • Ahfu (Tue Soon Chuan)
  • ddc (Leong Fat-meng)
  • Inflame (He Yongzheng)
  • Monet (Du Peng)
  • Super (Xie Junhao)


China, Direct Invite

  • Faith (Zeng Hongda)
  • Kaka (Hu Liangzhi)
  • Kpii (Damien Chok)
  • Moogy (Xu Han)
  • Sccc (Song Chun)


Europe, Direct Invite

  • Ana (Anathan Pham)
  • Fly (Tal Aizik)
  • JerAx (Jesse Vanikka)
  • N0tail (Johan Sundstein)
  • S4 (Gustav Magnusson)

Planet Dog

Europe, Open Qualifiers

  • 33 (Neta Shapira)
  • j4 (Alexei Lipai)
  • Keyser (Greg Kallianiotis)
  • MiLAN (Milan Kozomara)
  • Swiftending (Uros Galic)

Team Empire

CIS, Main Qualifiers

  • Chappie (Vladimir Kuzmenko)
  • fn (Rostislav Lozovoi)
  • Gostik (Andrey Kadyk)
  • Miposhka (Yaroslav Naidenov)
  • RodjER (Vladimir Nokogosyan)

Team Liquid

Europe, Direct Invite

  • GH (Maroun Merhej)
  • KuroKy (Kuro Salehi Takhasomi)
  • MATUMBAMAN (Lasse Urpalainen)
  • MinD_ContRoL (Ivan Borislavov)
  • Miracle- (Amer Al-Barkawi)

Team NP

America, Main Qualifiers

  • Aui_2000 (Kurtis Ling)
  • EternaLEnVy (Jacky Mao)
  • FATA- (Adrian Trinks)
  • MSS (Arif Answar)
  • pieliedie (Johan Astrom)

Team Secret

Europe, Main Qualifiers

  • KheZu (Maurice Gutmann)
  • MidOne (Yeik Nai Zheng)
  • MP (Pyo No-a)
  • Puppey (Clement Ivanov)
  • YapzOr (Yazied Jaradat)

TNC Pro Team

Southeast Asia, Main Qualifiers

  • 1437 (Theeban Siva)
  • Kuku (Carlo Palad)
  • Raven (Marc Polo Luis Fausto)
  • Sam_H (Samson Solomon Enojosa Hidalgo)
  • Tims (Timothy Randrup)


CIS, Direct Invite

  • 9pasha (Pavel Khvastunov)
  • Lil (Iyla Ilyuk)
  • No[o]ne (Vladimir Minenko)
  • RAMZES666 (Roman Kushnarev)
  • Solo (Alexei Berezin)

These teams will converge on Seattle in August for the main event, starting with a group stage that will eliminate two before the tournament’s centerpiece, its LAN bracket. The latter event takes place in Seattle’s Key Arena from August 7th-12th. Unfortunately, tickets are sold out, but the event is free and ad-free, both through several streaming platforms and the game’s in-client spectator system.

Regardless of how you watch, with such an outstanding range of players attending, plus nearly $20 million (and growing) in prize pool money, this may prove to be the most spectacular year of The International yet.