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Planet Dog take the second European qualifier spot for The International 7

The team took a surprising but satisfying win in the qualifiers.

(Note: This is also the logo for the Planet Dog store. However, we are not aware of any affiliation between the two.)

Planet Dog won Europe’s qualifiers for The International 7, to take the region’s second and final spot, despite a tough run through.

The players have a lot to be thankful for, as it’ll be each player’s first Valve event in a turbulent time for them. ProDota let go of four of its members who continued to form this new team, playing through the open qualifiers last week. While under the ProDota roster, they were invited to the European qualifiers directly, but this new squad had to go through the open qualifiers due to Valve’s roster-lock policy.

The path to victory was certainly not easy, with orgs such as Alliance, Team Secret and Danish bears in the mix. However, they managed to come out 6-3 to continue into Phase 2. At the end of a lower-bracket run, Planet Dog took down Greek favorites Mousesports in the best-of-five finals 3-1.

All have been working in the tier-two Dota 2 circuit for several years; most notably, Alexei "j4" Lipai was a part of the tier-two team Power Rangers from 2013 until 2016. Many are considering it an underdog moment, but they have quite a way to go to get the Aegis of Champions.