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TI7 Battle Pass guide: How to level up

Play a lot of Dota or spend a lot of dough, duh.

The Battle Pass is one of Dota 2’s most anticipated features every year of The International. This year’s TI7 Battle Pass comes with a beautiful underwater theme, as well as a fantastic new Kunkka Immortal to acquire. In order to get some of these fabulous treasures, you must level up your Battle Pass.

There are a few ways to gain levels, here are some of the easiest:

Recycle treasures

As we all know, Dota 2 is a game all about acquiring hats. Thankfully, if you don’t like the hats that you get, you can trade them in for additional Battle Pass levels. Additional Battle Pass levels will then give you more treasure that can turn into even more hats. The cycle continues.

For example, when I opened my Immortals Treasure II, I got these silly little tree boys that can sit on my Treant Protector. Now I love my silly tree boys, but if I wanted to be a heartless monster, I could recycle them for Battle Pass levels here and now.

Complete Quests

In the Quests section of you Battle Pass, you will find plenty of objectives for you to complete. The quest paths allow you to choose an active quest to complete based on your play style, completing this once, twice or three times will reward Battle Points, helping you gain those coveted levels.

Additionally, there are daily and weekly challenges. The daily challenge is just to win a game as a certain, randomly selected hero. If you can complete this task, you get 100 Battle Points. The weeklies are objectives that you will get naturally if you play over the course of the week, like destroying towers or placing wards.

If you are a die hard, every day Dota player, quests are your best bet to level up quickly.


At the start of every week, you get Wager Tokens, little poker chips that you can bet at the start of a match. When you are on your way to lane, you can choose if you think you are going to win the game. If you are playing with reliable friends or you are feeling particularly “on” that day, why not test your luck? If you lose, you just lose the tokens. If you win, you will be rewarded with a bounty of points.

Earn Achievements

In the Achievements section of your Battle Pass, you can find a bunch of different objectives for you to complete. Most of them are easily completed by just playing the game on a semi-regular basis. Once you unlock an Achievement, Battle Points are distributed into your Battle Pass, increasing your level. Like quests, this is another great way fro regular players to level up their pass.

Spend all of your money

This may be a hard pill to swallow for those of us with limited funds, but by far the easiest way to level up your pass is to spend real life money. You can buy levels in quantities of 24, 11 or five for $9.99, $4.99 and $2.49 respectively.

The great part about being able to buy Battle Pass levels is that 25 percent of all sales go to the TI7 prize pool, which is very exciting. Additionally, it helps lazy Dota 2 players (or bad ones like myself) achieve their dreams by paying for them instead of playing for them. If you have a busy time at work but you still really want the Underwater map theme, take some of your hard earned cash and treat yourself to it.

While spending real life money is the fastest way to level up your Battle Pass, it isn’t the only way. Play or pay, you can get what you want in Dota with just a little bit of effort.