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Moonduck TV launches “Casters Crucible” amateur caster circuit for TI7 qualifiers

The small studio is giving fresh new voices a chance to shine.

In an effort to bring new casters into the spotlight, Moonduck TV have announced the Casters Crucible, an amateur caster circuit during The International 7’s Main qualifiers. In-game commentators are given a chance to cast and be put before Dota 2 fans to boost attention and receive feedback.

“In the Past, Major and TI Hubs used to be all about finding talent and casters that could be the future of Dota 2,” says the official page for the event. “Many of the casters that are at the Moonduck hub got their start from the hubs of TI4, 5 and 6.”

“The casting crucible [sic] is our attempt at giving back to the community and giving community members a chance to show their prowess at casting a Dota 2 game (whether as an analyst or Play by Play caster).”

The sign-ups, which filled up quickly, are now closed, involved signing up for a time slot and reporting to the Moonduck Discord when the slot came. If a caster is chosen, they’re featured on the side stream for the studio.

During the game, on the Casters Crucible stream, viewers in the Twitch chat are able to affect the commentator’s “Cast MMR” by typing “+mmr” or “-mmr” to respectively raise and lower the MMR. If the MMR is low enough, the event mods are allowed to swap in another caster instead.

If Twitch chat is feeling brutal enough, it could be a rough week for some casters. But if fans are kind enough, diamonds in the rough can be found—and talent will have a space to learn and improve.

Fans can watch the aspiring casters and participate through Wednesday on the MoonduckTV2 Twitch stream.