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FYM Hot Sauce owner wins Boston Major robbery case against Uber

Dane Wilcox was awarded $4000 in court after the incident.

Dane Wilcox, the founder of FYM Hot Sauce, announced victory against Uber after an Uber driver stole his personal belongings, including medications and a new laptop.

Wilcox flew out to the Boston Majors to support his sponsored team, the fan-beloved Team NP, in December 2016. FYM was the first sponsor for the North American team and set a precedent for the team’s grassroots reputation. Wilcox says he’s been playing Dota since the Warcraft III days, and he was ecstatic to be sponsoring a team.

Wilcox claims that after his first-ever Uber ride, on his way to the Boston Major hotel, the driver saw Wilcox’s valuable electronics and drove off with them in the quiet electric car as Wilcox placed his larger luggage on the curb.

“He intentionally drove off with my backpack containing my brand new $2,000 laptop, a bunch of marketing stuff, my medicine, second cell phone, some clothes, and pretty much everything important I owned,” Wilcox says in the post.

He first attempted to contact the driver, but received no calls back. He then gave his information to both Uber and the local police station. The ride company, Wilcox said, proved passively unhelpful, but the police kept his information and even provided video evidence of the incident.

After several months, Uber began to more actively deny the incident, stating the ride never took place and the driver hadn’t been active in two years. In the end, the court found Uber to have malicious intent against Wilcox, and Wilcox received the $4000 he asked for.

He outlines the full situation, including video evidence of the robbery, two trials and the check from Uber in his blog post.

Uber has already come under fire for a slew of controversies, starting when it agreed to join the Presidential economic advisory board at the start of the US Presidential term. Days after, when Uber crossed the lines of immigrant taxi protests, users began sharing the hashtag #DeleteUber and switching to other ride services.

On top of these policy actions, women began to share their stories about sexual harassment. Eric Holder, former US General Attorney, was sent to investigate the allegations, and dozens of employees, including high-ranking administrators, were fired or chose to step down. Just last night, CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down after weeks of public scandals.

While the FYM owner didn’t directly cite any of these issues, he did accuse the company of “compromising the morals of an honest business.”

“I can’t in good faith support a company that has such a blatant disregard for not only its clients, but also its employees,” Wilcox stated. “While I am happy that Uber spawned a revolution in the transportation industry, they have proven themselves to be just as bad if not worse than the companies they sought to replace.”

He ended the piece by urging his fans and followers to ditch the company, invoking the #DeleteUber tag, like many angry ex-users before him.

Thankfully, at least, the hot sauce samples made it to the Boston Major, and Wilcox’s condiment was a hit with fans, players and personalities.