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Want to learn Dota 2? There’s a Patreon for you

Purge’s newest video series will build upon a system he piloted with Starcraft streamer Day9.

Popular community streamer, content creator and “weatherman” Kevin “Purge” Godec has announced a Patreon to more fully support his work. In specific, he’s looking to expand his Dota 2 educational horizons with more videos on how to play Dota 2.

“As you know, I love making guides to explore dota strategy, and the ones that are often best require a lot of editing to make them better, so I'm starting a patreon to ensure that it's feasible to put out those series,” he says on the Patreon page.

Godec been creating gaming content for years, having started with the original Warcraft III game mode, and is a staple at major events for Dota 2. This is the latest step in his journey to bring knowledge into the Dota 2 world.

Over the past several months, Godec has been streaming with Starcraft content creator Sean “Day9” Plott and teaching him how to play Dota. It turns out that Godec was piloting an educational guide to Dota 2, with Plott as the test student, and Godec plans on expanding it and making it accessible.

Plott came into the Dota 2 Reddit announcement thread to emphasize the effectiveness of Godec’s system:

I was at ~300 hours in January when Kevin started coaching me. I just passed 800 hours and I'm having more and more fun as time goes on. I'm thrilled that Kevin is working on a series that can help teach more people and bring more people into the Dota joy. I for one will be supporting the shit out of this project.

Publishing this educational series was a $2,000 stretch goal, and which was quickly reached.

The incentives for donating include access to a follower/subscriber Discord, a once-per-week vote for a special hero pub game and the infamous BZZ Pugna with a description by Godec himself (or any other item).

He’s already far surpassed a stretch goal of maintaining the “Welcome to Dota, you suck” guide, possibly the most popular Dota 2 introductory guide ever published.

At the time of writing, the donations amounted to $2,413 per month.