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Newbee takes its second LAN win in a row at Galaxy Battles

The win affirms the Chinese squad’s undeniable, consistent strength.

Chinese Dota 2 team Newbee took another victory at a LAN — this time on their home turf. The squad made an impressive run through Galaxy Battles, held in China, to take first place for $69,000 USD.

This is the second weekend in a row that Newbee has won a major LAN. The weekend prior, they took the top prize home from the ZOTAC cup in Taiwan. These back-to-back wins apparently impressed Dota 2 developers Valve enough that the team has since secured an invite to August’s annual The International tournament, announced the same day that Galaxy Battles ended.

At Galaxy Battles, the teams present were a mix of top teams and up-and-coming talent. Newbee took out their regional rivals IG.Vitality in the upper bracket of the event, and they took on the European Planet Odd in the next round. Odd quickly climbed back out of the lower bracket, though, for a grand finals rematch.

Newbee ended up sweeping Planet Odd 3-0 in an impressive manner for the tournament win. While Odd seemed to have a chance in the early stages of each game, Newbee eventually came in and took the victory from their enemy’s hands.

The team will make their next major appearance at the Mars Dota 2 League in early July.