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Virtus Pro wins second consecutive Dota Summit

The CIS-region team also got another important victory immediately after.

Virtus.Pro’s “rock album” team photo from Dota Summit 7.

Virtus.Pro won its second Dota Summit championship in a row after a run through the lower bracket, defeating Team Secret in the final best-of-five.

They won Dota Summit 6 this past November as well, going strong into the Boston Major, though they didn’t fare so well there.

The match was a tense best-of-five square-off against European rivals Team Secret. Each team has been vying for a spot in The International, and it was likely that this victory would have showed who deserved the TI7 invite. However, VP has also recently consistently ranked high in show for tournaments such as Epicenter and Kiev, where Team Secret has often fallen in the bottom half.

The show-off went to the full five games, a rarity in recent Dota. While it was clear VP was trying to have fun throughout the tournament, when it got down to the nitty-gritty in the final game, they pulled out their serious strategies and capped off the match persuasively. It was the first game where they didn’t choose five heroes unplayed in previous games in the tournament; they rounded out the event playing 81 unique heroes.

The team will go on to play The International 7 after being invited less than fifteen minutes after the final match ended.