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TI7 Immortals Chest II drops for Battle Pass owners

The pack, with a range of exclusive cosmetics, is available for those earning levels in the TI7 Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass rewards keep coming for those that have purchased it. Valve has released the second of three Immortal treasure sets, including eight new items for Dota 2 fans to enjoy.

There’s the quirky Treant Protector item, Stuntwood Sanctuary, with new small living friends hanging out on the forest guardian’s shoulders:

Everyone’s favorite fire enchantress is getting yet another Immortal, Wyrnwrought Flare, giving her wing-like clothes with crimson particle effects:

Now that means you can go super extra with her other Immortals and Arcana, visuals courtesy of KaizerSoze5023:

Meanwhile, new Super Rare and Ultra Rare items have also dropped for new heroes.

Getting an Immortal for the first time is Keeper of the Light, whose mount item, Wings of Daybreak, gives his horse wings and a gliding Illuminate effect:

Necrophos also gets his own new Immortal, Sullen Harvest, in this pack, his second after TI5. This one has a new effect for its ult, Reaper’s Scythe, with a Grim Reaper-like figure that descends upon the target.

Plus, much like other Immortal Treasures, there is also an “alternate style” for three of the Immortals, this time Chaos Knight, Lina and Pudge.

All players who’ve bought the Battle Pass will receive one at their first level. After this, the players receive a new one at levels, 98, 113, 140, 152 and 220, and then every 30 levels thereafter.

The full list of Immortals available is:

  • Bloodseeker — Mask of Eztzhok
  • Chaos Knight — Chaos Fulcrum*
  • Elder Titan — Bellows of Creation
  • Lina — Wyrnwrought Flare*
  • Pudge — Scavenging Scuttleslug*
  • Treant Protector — Stuntwood Sanctuary
  • Keeper of the Light — Wings of Daybreak (Rare)
  • Necrophos — Sullen Harvest (Ultra Rare)

* Very Rare golden version available

All items are listed and displayed on the Battle Pass site and in the in-client Pass itself.