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Jeremy Lin casts a DOTA 2 game at The Summit

“J-Lin” gave match commentary for the Chinese team he has endorsed.

An all-star couch cast has arrived. At The Summit 7, a major Dota 2 tournament held in a casual setting, famous Chinese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin popped in to provide commentary for a game.

It’s certainly not without context. The American b-ball star is one of the most prolific Dota 2 players, even if it’s not for his MMR. Last summer, though, he ranked in at about 4000 higher than average - though not high enough to carry a team into The International.

In summer 2017, he made a deal with Vici Gaming, one of the top Chinese Dota 2 organizations, to endorse his own squad. Known now as VG.J, with the “J” standing for “Jeremy,” the team has remained in the tier-one circuit, playing among the top teams in China and the world. He’s an “honorary captain” of sorts for the squad.

It seems he’s come to The Summit 7, one of the most exclusive events in esports, to check out his team in action — and perhaps join in on the semi-yearly event’s activities. For Thursday’s match with his team versus Na’vi, he was invited to join the “couch commentary.” Accompanying him for the first match is ex-TI winner Peter “PPD” Dager, commentator David “LD” Gorman and Jack “KBBQ” Chen, who acts as an “ambassador” of sorts between Chinese and western Dota.

As of the time of writing, Na’vi took the first of three games in the match.

The Summit 7 takes place from July 15 through the 18th. You can watch the games at their Twitch channel.

EDIT, or, a bonus for the anime fans: After the first match, this was shown as a transition clip for the VG.J team: