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Virtus Pro pull Summit hat trick, win third time at annual event

The CIS squad took a 3-1 finals over Fnatic to earn their latest Pro Circuit Minor victory.

AOC Gaming via Twitter

Great things come in threes, as Virtus Pro proved at this weekend’s Dota Summit 8 event. The CIS team took their third Summit event after a best-of-five finals versus Southeast Asian team Fnatic, re-claiming their throne in an already-dominant competitive season for the squad. This time, the casual event by Beyond The Summit raised its stakes, as the event is classified as a Dota Pro Circuit Minor, with a $300,000 and 300-Qualifying Point prize pool up for grabs.

While VP’s struggle to make Brewmaster work allowed Fnatic to take one game off the CIS squad, VP took most of the series with relative ease. The first and last games, both easily the more dominant of the three victories, especially featured terrifying Broodmother picks by offlaner Roman “Ramses666” Kushnarev.

It was a heck of a tournament for all the teams present, but none could stand against these two finalists. Fnatic’s rush to second required the team to take down such well-respected teams as NA squad Optic Gaming and Chinese powerhouse LGD Gaming. They even beat out Major winners OG in the playoffs in a tough 2-1 bout.

Meanwhile, Virtus Pro had little trouble through their push to victory. They swept their group stage 6-0 versus OG and South American squad Sacred, then cleanly took down European qualifier team Kinguin. Their only game dropped all event was their grand finals game versus Fnatic.

The Qualifying Point distributions for this event are as follows, per the Pro Circuit standards:

  1. Virtus Pro (CIS) — 112 or 75 QP/player* — Overall Standing: 2697 QP — #3
  2. Fnatic (EU) — 67.5 or 45 QP/player* — Overall Standing: 202.5 QP — #2
  3. OG/Team Kinguin (EU/EU) — 30 QP/player** — Overall Standing: 765 QP — #5

*Due to different players from the team(s)’s registered roster participating in these events, the team took a 75% penalty for its primary players, plus a 50% for its substitute player.

**Since these teams both took an equivalent third/fourth, they take home an equal number of points.