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MidOrFeed disbands after mixed performance, internal tensions

A founding member claimed that the team wasn’t doing well internally, on top of their tournament performances.

MidOrFeed, known as the “w33 stack,” has disbanded, according to several tweets by players on the squad.

The team formed earlier this season during the post-International 7 shuffle period, bringing together some of the top free-agent talent in Dota 2. It also introduced Enzo "Timado" Gianoli, formerly the carry for Peruvian squad Infamous, into the European pro Dota scene.

This disbanding was announced on Twitter by a pair of its members. Aliwi “w33” Omar, the figurehead of the team and its position, put the disband simply:

The tweet references his more common and successful role a mid player; during his time at MidOrFeed, he wanted to try a support role.

More eloquent in his words was Maurice “KheZzu” Gutmann, who shared a Twitlonger going more into detail. Among his own personal loss of faith in the team, he claims there was “a disconnection and a mistrust between team mates.”

A few days ago, I insisted on having a conversation where I voiced all my issues at the time, motivational, behaviour, and also being uncertain if we're good enough at our respective roles. After a long talk it seemed that I wasn't the only one feeling this way, at least concerning some points, mainly belief & motivation. There were certain things that dragged each other down and it became a vicious cycle. In the end I decided that this isn't worth perusing as damage had already been done beyond the point of repair.

While the team had some success in beating out its tier-two rivals, it often struggled at higher levels, especially in its most recent matches. MOF namely had trouble beating out the top squads such as Liquid, Virtus Pro and the recently-powerful Natus Vincere.

It’s not known where any of the members will go in the future with regards to pro teams.