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FaceIt announces FPL Circuit in-houses open to all Dota 2 players

FaceIt is expanding its “Hub” in-house league system into a sponsored circuit.

FPL Circuit Page

If you think you’re ready to take Dota 2 more seriously, FaceIt is finally giving Dota 2 fans that chance—for a price.

The tournament platform announced the FaceIt Pro League Circuit, a series of official in-house leagues open to Dota 2 players of all skill levels. Players enter a solo queue, and the FaceIt site matches them into a Captain’s Mode game. They also promise 24/7 admin support for players.

It’s the official premiere of their FPL Circuit team, which they describe as a project dedicated to this purpose after their previous FPL attempt in 2015. The first season of FPL was described by FaceIt as a test of the product, which they say had “great reception from everyone involved.”

The leagues will be divided up into “divisions” based on skill level, with five for Europe and four for North America. The top division will be the same FPL that pros have already partaken in, while the second division will be “Challenger.” The top two Challenger players will be able to play in the FPL, and the top several in Division 3 rank up to Challenger.

This circuit does have a pay-in fee, or a “subscription” in this case—$5.99 per month, with intermediate bulk subscriptions up to $54.99 for a full year ($4.59/month).

“The subscription method allows the FPL Circuit to receive direct support from the community and guarantee a long term self-sustaining project (similar to the membership model applied in traditional sports),” they explain in the announcement. “Not only this, but by applying a small paywall, we believe it will act as a deterrent for trolls and less serious players which will guarantee the quality of the competitive environment.”

According to the sites, the registration and league have already begun; the “seasons” appear to be on a monthly basis.