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In-game changes in Dota 2’s patch 7.07 you absolutely need to know

The Dueling Fates Update brought pretty big changes to mechanics and map.

Happy Halloween, by the way!
Diretide Official Art/Valve

Dota 2’s 7.07 patch dropped a lot of pretty big changes: five new items, two new heroes, a wave of crazy talents and a bunch of hero reworks. These all are certainly going to require a bit of training as you re-learn these heroes.

But what about the map? Indeed, with many of Icefrog’s recent patches, he’s been giving some major tweaks to how the map functions, whether physically or mechanically.

So there’s no exaggeration when we say there are some pretty major changes that you need to know going into this

New attribute bonuses

The primary attribute of heroes have been a central feature of Dota 2, but 7.07 cements this concept further by giving new perks to such characters. We think they speak for themselves, so we’ll just lay out the attribute changes here.

  • Strength: If strength is a hero's primary attribute, every point in strength increases their status resistance by 0.15.
  • Agility: If agility is a hero's primary attribute, every point in agility increases their movement speed by 0.06.
  • Intelligence: If intelligence is a hero's primary attribute, every point in intelligence increases their magic resistance by 0.15.

Basically, every hero can do their job just a little bit better: The tanks can tank better, the agility heroes can chase for a kill, and supports won’t get pummeled by an enemy support in the early game. These changes will certainly make for more interesting builds in both public and professional games as players decide how they want their heroes to impact the game.

Armor and HP/Mana have been rescaled

It seems like Armor has become a little too powerful of a mechanic, so the formula has scaled down: From 0.06 * [Armor Modifier]/(1 + 0.06 * [Armor Modifier]), to 0.05 * [Armor Modifier]/(1 + 0.05 * [Armor Modifier]) Buildings and Roshan have been rescaled accordingly so they have similar finally Armor values after the calculations.

Health and Mana have also been tweaked significantly. In short, attributes (Str/Int) are taken out of the flat-regeneration formula, and instead, a “percentage” modifier by the attributes are taken from a total created by the Base and “Flat,” or extra, regeneration bonuses.

It rewards heroes with plenty of Health and Mana regeneration items, and they’ve taken care to adjust such item, talent and heroes values as well to match.

Laning has been more-than-mildly reworked

Some of it seems very small, but it’ll make a difference in your early game. For the safelane and offlanes, creeps meet by default a little bit closer to the corresponding offlane. Safelane blockers will have a little less work to do now, and they’ll be a bit less prone to early-game blocks. Mid laners will also be thrilled (or disappointed) to know that the extra Melee creep has been pulled.

Meanwhile, solo-laners and supports will need to keep an eye on their waves. While XP and XP range have gone up plenty, denying has been dramatically buffed: enemies whose creeps you deny will only get 25%, instead of last patch’s 70%. The denier now only gets 25% instead of 30%, but the payoff is immense for players looking to win their lane.

Note, though: Denies by neutral creeps don’t count anymore.

Jungle creeps go to sleep at night

No, this isn’t satire. There are some smaller changes to neutral creeps and jungling, but the one that’s got everyone talking is the nighttime sleep mechanic for Neutrals.

Dota 2 Dueling Fates Update/Valve

What “sleeping” means is that they have zero aggro range. Basically, instead of walking into their camp, you actually need to physically attack.

It’s also worth studying up the physical changes to the jungle. A few trees have been removed from the Radiant safelane, and some jungles have been moved around on both sides of the map.

Roshan drops a one-time Refresher Orb

Once again, we’re not joking. It seems like teams needed some motivation to go for the third Roshan, since Cheese has been dropped the second Roshan since 7.06, so the antes have been upped.

This Refresher Orb is its own item, separate from any other Refresher Orb you may have already picked up, but it’s locked exclusively to refreshing abilities. In other words, you’re getting a one-time Refresher Orb in case you blow your ult right before the post-Roshan teamfight.

Fountain diving is less effective

...and fountains are much more generous about their healing.

Anyone looking to enter the enemy fountain is going to get hit much harder, as the damage has been amped up by 30 minimum and 40 tops: from 190-199 to its new 220-240 base damage. In other words, even the tankiest heroes are going to feel the Fountain’s pummeling a bit harder.

And heroes inside are going to survive easier, as HP regeneration has gone up from 4% per tick to 5% per tick. Mana regeneration has been rescaled, from 4% + 14 mana to a flat 6%. It’s not great for early-game restoration, but late-game, it’ll feel much better.

What else?

That was a lot already! But there’s still plenty left to uncover this patch. Here are more quick pointers that will help you going into the updated game:

  • EVERYONE gets a free Teleport scroll! It starts on cooldown, but still! Free TP scroll!
  • Couriers are 200 gold, but they automatically upgrade now. Couriers have a Shield now instead of Haste, and bottle crowing has been taken out.
  • Captain’s Mode has an extra first ban, bringing the total bans up to six.
  • The All-Pick Order has been changed from A-B-A-B-etc to A-BB-AA-BB-A-B.
  • The Tier 4 towers don’t have HP regen anymore.
  • Shrines have been nerfed and moved around; the in-base shrines have been removed.
  • Ten random heroes per day will be “bonus” heroes and gifted a free unsellable mango if chosen.
  • There’s no Random Gold anymore. Randoming will default to one of the “bonus heroes” and gifted an extra Iron Branch.
  • Glyph makes your creeps invulnerable.
  • Hero respawn times have been rescaled; you spawn a bit quicker in levels 1-5.

If you’re still itching to know what else has been changed (which is plenty, trust us), you can find the 7.07 patch notes on the Dueling Fates Update site.