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Midas Mode dates, teams released by Moonduck TV

The details for the hotly-anticipated non-standard event have been shared by the fun-focused Dota 2 production studio.

Midas Mode via Moonduck TV

Moonduck TV has announced the dates and teams for Midas Mode, their economics-driven Dota 2 tournament. The event will take place November 18-28, 2017, with four teams from Europe and four from North America.

Representing North America will be Evil Geniuses, Digital Chaos, Immortals and OpTic Gaming; playing from Europe are Team Liquid, Mid Or Feed (the current SyndereN stack), Natus Vincere and OG Dota.

Midas Mode was announced in February by Moonduck as a full-fledged custom tournament with its own “monetary” ecosystem. At the time, the tournament was described as the following:

Each team is given a “bank” shared among the members in the beginning of the tournament. The teams use the currency to buy various elements of the game: drafts, bans, order picks, map picks, and even pauses, and the value of these picks remain in flux through the duration of the event.

Teams can also earn money back through “bounties,” which are official tasks chosen by either Moonduck or the community.

Below is the video describing the event, though details may have changed in the past several months: