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Evil Geniuses signs GrandGrant as official streamer

The popular American Dota 2 streamer and caster will continue making content under the EG banner.

GrandGrant during his first moments streaming as an Evil Geniuses partner.
GrandGrant Twitch Channel

North American streamer Grant “GrandGrant” Harris has joined Evil Geniuses as a “stream team” member, the streamer announced Sunday night on his channel.

The newest member of EG is considered to be one of the, if not the, most popular non-competitive Dota 2 streamers as both a caster and a casual player. He’s most respected for his extensive knowledge of, and commentary on the North American scene as an insider himself.

Harris is also known for his unorthodox and enthusiastic approach to his content.

“Don't worry fans,” Evil Geniuses stated in their official Facebook announcement, “Grant will still stream and cast with his own unique style (no #sellout), and we hope our partnership will allow him to bring even more content to his growing fan base.”

The caster has been featured in events by Dota 2-centric production studio Beyond The Summit, including the recent Kings Cup and the qualifiers shows for The International 7.

He recently attracted controversy after the official DotaPit Minor team asked him to stop commentating the event, as DotaPit had hired their own English steamers. In the aftermath, much of the American Dota 2 community came out in support of Harris’s unofficial commentary streams.