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Beyond The Summit streams... a pre-patch countdown...?

Is 7.07 nigh? Or is Beyond The Summit... Bored to

The BTS Podcast crew preps for the Patch Countdown.
BTS Podcasts (@btspods)

UPDATE: Peak Content.

It seems reasonable that 7.07 is fast approaching—and one production studio is gearing Dota 2 fans up for either true hype or true despair.

Beyond The Summit, a community-favorite Dota 2-centric production company has set up a Patch Countdown stream, live at the time of writing, hitting Peak Pre-Patch (or late-patch?) Content.

According to the timer, the patch would be released around 7 PM ET (or 4 PM Valve Local Time), which aligns with Valve’s recent, absolutely-not-east-coast-work-hours-friendly releases. Including that time this article’s author was at a movie when talent was released for TI7.

Thursday and Fridays also align pretty well with their schedule; a Thursday release means that they have Friday for hotfixes.

So far in the stream, there have been some guest calls, and they’ve already promised a lengthy list of Dota 2 celebrities chiming in before the new patch. They seem to be in on the event, and are chatting accordingly.

The hosts have also discussed conspiracies behind the heroes, some esports, upcoming movies and whether or not their 7.07 balloons would hold up for the patch number.

Some people have already noted that the setup is mostly just the Smash Summit vote announcement setup, honestly. But maybe... it was set up to be ready for this.

But honestly, does this all matter? Is there really going to be a patch? Is this a meme? They seemed pretty confident when they said it’d be a few weeks before the next patch, but it’s been less than three weeks since they said six weeks.

Why meme so hard for false hope? Why mislead thousands of fans, causing a riot in an already-unstable world? Is BTS daring enough to cause such despair?

We’ve waited so long already. Suffered so deeply. Disappointment is a vivid part of our imaginations, the way we craft our future visions. This could just be merely more Content™ to satiate us until Icefrog has finished his crafting.

Or, we could really be on the verge of a new patch.